eSports Summit Iasi 2023

14 Iunie 2023

Palatul culturii, Iasi, Romania

Esports Summit is an event for technology and gaming enthusiasts, as well as investors and entrepreneurs interested in the esports phenomenon.
The event aims to provide an overview of the global esports ecosystem, as well as to identify certain trends and opportunities in the Romanian market.

10:30 - 12:00

Esports & Governance: building a solid foundation for stronger esports local ecosystem Together with local authorities, legislators and specialists we discuss how different forms of esports organizations can help build the local esports ecosystem. This year, Iași aims to become not only the national capital of esports, but most importantly, the world capital of esports, hosting some of the most important esports events: The World Esports Championship, The Romanian Esports Summit and the European Esports Summit.


Mayor of Iași

Mihai Chirica

President of Esports Summit

Tudor Dăescu

Consumer Business Unit Director, Vodafone România

Nedim Baytorun

Vice Mayor of Iași

Daniel Juravle

President of The European Esports Federation

Tiago Fernandes

President of the International Esports Federation IESF

Vlad Marinescu

President of the IT&C Commission of the Chamber of Deputies

Sabin Sărmaș

12:15 - 13:30

Esports World Championship 2023 in Iași: A Milestone Event for Romania and the local esports industry
What are the opportunities and challenges that come with hosting an Esports World Championship? May the hosting of this international event put our country on the map in the esports world and enhance long-lasting positive effects on the local Iași economy and national esports community?

This event can bring opportunities for networking and collaboration among stakeholders in the gaming industry, leading to innovations and advancements


Digital Throne Project Manager

Cristian Nistor

CEO Nexus Gaming

Octav “ang” Crețu

Digital Crusade

Mihai Cotos

Streamer and Pro Player


14:15 - 15:30

From hobby to academics: Exploring the Intersection of esports and higher education
Educators and schools around the world are increasingly recognizing the benefits of esports and are incorporating them into their curriculum and extracurricular activities. University officials are developing esports teams, and some schools are even offering esports courses and degrees. What are the plans of the romanian universities and how can esports enter the local curriculum or extracurricular activities and also find a growth pipeline in the academic field?


University Sports Club Director ASE

Adrian Iacobini

Economy and Business Administration University Dean FEAA

Teodora Roman

Member of the Assembly of Deputies of Romania USR

Diana Buzoianu

Professor at Alexandru I. Cuza University

Mihaela Tofan

Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization

Eduard Mititelu

Institutul Sportiv Roman President

Adrian Socaciu

15:45 - 17:00

Winning the Game: Developing effective communication strategies for brands in the esports industry
Esports offers opportunities for brands to connect with fans and gamers through sponsorships, advertising, and partnerships with esports teams and events. With the esports industry growing rapidly, brands that invest in esports now have a chance to establish themselves as leaders in a fast-paced, exciting space but also benefit from increased brand awareness and exposure, as well as opportunities to engage with fans and build brand loyalty.


Executive Creative Director, McCann

Costin Bogdan

Head of Brand Marketing BCR

Katerina Todorovski

Head of Group Marketing NEPI Rockcastle

Roxana Baias

Vlad Nagîț

Head of Brand Marketing Services at Glovo

Alexandru Ion

17:15 - 18:30

The road to victory and beyond: the career journey of a professional esports player
What does it take to succeed and become a professional esports player? Success in professional esports requires not only exceptional gaming skills, but also a range of professional skills such as teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. Beyond being a professional player, esports also offers exciting other career opportunities in fields such as coaching, management, and event production. As esports continues to grow, the demand for skilled professionals in the industry is expected to increase.


VP Pro League ESL

Hans Jagnow

Co-founder GG Industry

Marius Radu

CEO Nexus Gaming

Octav “ang” Cretu

Esports Caster

Paul “Werty” Bolog

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